Kevi, which is short for Kevian Douglas, was born in Clarendon Jamaica, in the month of September (proud Virgo here yual, lol). Kevi became a young mother at the age of 18 and now super proud if you ever asked her about, having a baby so young.  I guarantee her reply would be. "Thank God I had him young, because in this day and time, how busy I am he would have never been born, lol,"


Helpless Perfectionist

Most people use the term, I am a perfectionist, but I do believe Kevi invented the word. This is good for business but bad for personal life and creating relationships. This trait personally has her critiquing her friends when they didn't ask for it, but for business and service, you couldn't ask for better. She would double check your lash extension at least 6 times. Also, you better tell her if you do not want your lashes very full. She so details that she will leave no lash behind, "I mean your small inner corner lash will be lashed.  And for your facial, every blackhead in your face would be painfully removed. The relaxation you will get personally from her compares next to none, as this trait allows her to be even so much detail orientated.


International Runway Model

Yep, you guess its no secret she is all over google. However she doesn't talk about it anymore, but Kevi was an international runway model, walking in shows from Canada, Hong Kong to Italy, and so on. From the age of 10, growing up Kevi's Passion was becoming a model. Her mother often times reminds her that as a child Kevi would walk in her mom's high heels and pretend she was a supermodel. Kevi pushes her self to achieve this goal and she did it. However, she gave it up at 24years old after getting so deep in the industry and realizing the people within the industry were not the type of people she wanted to associate with. However, I do believe deep down inside is that little model strutting her stuff.


Kevi, a Serious Traveller

Kevi's biggest passion is traveling. I am sure if you call her up and say let's fly to Dubai she would tell you to buy the ticket. I am ready lol. Kevi has traveled to places such as Kenya, Australia, Canada, China like 3times in China, Rome, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Dubai, St-Martin, Egypt and the list goes on. Most of these places she travels alone, yep real daredevil. She travels every year from the ending of August to the first week of September. So if I were you I wouldn't book an appointment around those times because chances are it will get canceled, lol.


Creatively Driven

Kevi is truly creative and sees the world through a creative lens, creativity is a God-given natural talent. And she has been able to use creativity with everything she touches. From her interior design small projects to plating dinner at the house, and designing an entire spa herself even lashing clients. She sees this as being creative she would say if you ask her that  "lashing is an art and her client are the canvas, she paints them using extensions,".  Facial too to her is being creative when she can take a client from dry dull skin to beautiful healthy glowing skin.

She has written songs that artists now as on their album. Similarly, She spends her time writing two books in which she is scared to publish. In her spare time, she likes to write songs. She says "she listen to a beat and hear the words of the beat talking to her in the form of a letter, so, she writes them". her favorite beats to write at are piano type beats something that drags the emotions.

The World to Kevi is a big creative canvas.


Guilty Pleasures & believes

Fruits: Kevi favorite fruits are mangos and Jamaican gunipe, literally would drive miles to get these fruits. Since she is in the USA now, she graves mangos at Publix are Walmart eat those fruits like ever night, lol.

Flowers: If you ever visit the Kevi spa you will see some sort of flowers are plants whether alive are fake mostly will be alive. Flowers are the secret to her heart. she loves flowers. She loves all flowers but her favorite flowers are Casablanca Lily, Calla lilies, Peony, Star of Bethlehem, blue Hydrangea, and Orchids.

Energy: Kevi is big on positive energy & creating positive vibrations. She believes in the spirit of healing, being helpful and creating positivity. She believes the use of aromatherapy oils helps to cleanse the air so you probably will always smell some sort of beautiful aromatherapy smell in her spa & home.

Knowledge: Kevi views sharing her knowledge as paying it forward. She likes to educate and motivate the people around her. Due to her gregarious nature, you will think you know her. However, she can be withdrawn at times and really protective of her energy.

Animals: Kevi is a lover of animals, but seriously allergic to dogs. Your dog could just be freshly groomed and within a few seconds of being around the dog, Kevi will start sneezing. Cats not so bad but at times she gets allergic if she is around them too long.

Motto, Originality & Individuality

Motto: Teamwork makes the dream work. She believes in the perfect team and believes if everyone does there role 110% then everyone achieves. She, as a very weird, believe that there isn't any true leader within a team. Because in every role each member within that team should be so good at it their role, that they wouldn't need another person to depend upon for leadership. But let's not tell her there is always the need for someone to delegate and another to carry out the delegated task. "Lol,"

Kevi is very gregarious and gets deeply indulge in someone's individuality. she likes the different characteristics that make up a person and believes that the difference within each person is what makes the world work.

She has friends within all races and associates with people from different nationalities from Indians, to Turkish, Africans, Chinese, Arabs, Lgbt community, straight and the in-between. she doesn't stereotype or criticized and cannot understand why others would stereotype when each person's individuality is so unique and beautiful.

January 31, 2020

Love this.

February 3, 2020

Thats my sister🤗🤗🤗🤗 someone must have talk long and hard to get you to open up like this, you’ve always been so super private, I am happy you let us in a little tho 😁🥰🥰🥰

February 10, 2020

Miss traveler🤗🤗🤗🤗

February 6, 2020

Amazing I will be sure to bring you some money the next time I get a facial boo.

February 13, 2020

So proud of Kevi, didn’t know this much about you untill today see you soon for my lash refil.

February 17, 2020

Very good read, congrats Kevi.

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