Top spa and lashabar in south Florida 

There is never a dull moment in Kevi Spa and Lashbar between the clients and estheticians, they are always shared laughter and or motivational speech between the two, entering Kevi Spa and Lashbar you will notice the decor is not like that of your regular luxury boutique spa, what you will find is a warm cozy decor soft blue and white colors to remind you of the sea, the receptionist area is a small shabby chic desk that as deep meaning to the owner Kevi as she searches over a period of three years to find that desk, you will also find the product shelving contains mostly natural-based products for your hair and skin and energy boost.

The treatment rooms are designed with beautiful Santorini white sensual curtains that add softness and opulence to the decor while creating privacy and peace.

Kevi loves, open space design and resent walls so you will find this coming out in her design of the spa.

To the back of the spa are other energy boost treatment rooms like the Sauna Salt room, Kevi is big on energy and protecting her energy and design this part of the spa with clients in mind, clients that want to protect their energy and have a peace of mind.


Most of the treatments at Kevi Spa and Lashbar are design for total relaxation, rejuvenating your energy to battle the world and instant result to make you feel and look good before leaving the spa.

Take for instant our vegan facial line "strawberry facial,z' this treatment is a blend of different ingredients that naturally work with your body to heal skin issues such as lightening pigmentations and slowing down aging before you begin your treatment you are greeted with a welcome strawberry shake drink, advised to relax in the sauna salt room tp detox and destress for 10-15min then enter the treatment room for your facial.


The next treatment worthy of a mention is the cabana outdoor private massage this is definitely a romantic idea for a couples massage are just an amazing way to treat your self, with this treatment you are greeted with a glass of champagne or redwine then you enter the sauna salt room treatment for 10-15min then walk to the waterfront outdoor private cabana where you will get your message, during your massage you will be inhaling the natural air while receiving the massage therapeutic treatment of your choice. You also get the choice of our outdoor air condition are you can settle for the natural air.

Kevi Spa and Lashbar is a true oasis that captures all the needs of there clients, clients that are in search of peace, tranquility, energy boast and a deep sense of meaning full friendship.


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