Kevi LashBar Glue

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  •  Kevi eyelash extension glue has an incredible retention power, lasting up to 4weeks. Long enough to keep your clients busy and keep you in business.
  • Our setting time of 0.3-1 seconds so if you are not a lash  technician expert, we recommend purchasing our beginner glue.  
  • We have different lash glues design for different lash artist level, this glue is design for advance lash techs, as it drys super fast which gives added speed to lashing technique.
  • And more importantly because our glue drys so fast you  have to be a super quick lash tech to take the lash off if you missed the the first placement when applying the lash to your client lashes.
  • Our glue works great in high humidity we use it great in Florida the most humid state in the USA.

50 in stock (can be backordered)

  •  Our Glue is completely sealed with the glue needle included in all our glue packaging. unlike most places that sell glues we actually use our glue not only sell it.  As  our motto goes “For lash techs by a lash tech,”
  • Unlike most glue on the market  life expectancy lasting 2months “Life expectancy used here means- (how long the glue will last) Or glue life expectancy is up to 3months.
  • Our glue is Latex Free and the highest quality that can be found on the market also our glue is  great on sensitive eyes without the weakness of sensitive eye glues, there is no fumes found in the glue so you won’t need to cover your nose when lashing.
  • We doubt you will have any issues as we already did quality control with you in mind, however if you have any issue, we can contact us 24/7 via email  and we are more than happy to help you resolve any issue you have.


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