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Facial near me at Fort Lauderdale (Kevi Spa and Lashbar)

There’s no denying that every woman loves a day at the spa. There’s no better way to pamper yourself and get some much-needed relaxation, clean, and radiant skin. To clarify, facial treatments are the best ways to nourish one’s skin and to help maximize the natural beauty. Professional facial service in a spa will help you achieve younger-looking skin by improving textual irregularities and tightening facial contours.

“Preserve your natural beauty without any quality compromise.”

The facial massage takes the tiredness and drowsiness away from one’s face. Due to daily stress, it results in intention buildup in the muscles. Thus, a gentle routine facial helps in relaxing the tight and drawn muscles decreasing the lines that they form. Massage with hydrating moisturizer helps in minimizing lines and dryness. Furthermore, it helps in toxin elimination from the facial area.
Relax. Refresh. Rejuvenate

What Kind Of Facial Are Right For Your Skin?

Kevi Spa and Lash Bar offer you with a variety of facials. Moreover, the expert estheticians at the spa recommend the facial treatment based on your own individual skin type and your own personal goals. Here are some of the facials and its effect on one’s face:
Define. Intensify. Enrich

Microdermabrasion Treatment


This treatment is adapted for all skin types, it resurfaces one’s skin and refines pores. It has certain other benefits too like:-

  • Exfoliates deeply
  • It can be used on sensitive areas such as dark circles under the eyes
  • Reverses the aging process in some cases
  • Reduces uneven pigmentation
  • Softens granular skin
  • Smooths scars and blemishes

Gold Facial Service

24k Gold Facial at Fort LauderdaleImportance of Facial

This facial service is suitable for both oily and dry skin. And, this skin treatment is originated from ancient times. It is used effectively by Japanese, Romans, Egyptians. Today, it is the most popular treatment, let us look at its benefits:-

  • Firstly, The elasticity of the skin increases
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and marks on the skin
  • Stimulates the skin cells
  • Lightens the complexion
  • Premature aging can be prevented
  • Collagen depletion is slowed down

Hydrafacial Service

Hydrafacial is for all skin types. It improves the health of one’s facial skin. Furthermore, This treatment combines cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating along with other nutrients. Benefits are as follows:-

  • Firstly, it Improves elasticity, firmness, and overall texture
  • In addition, it Promotes skin tone evenness
  • Corrects hyperpigmentation / photodamage & advanced signs of aging
  • Ameliorates oily/congested skin & reduces enlarged pores
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Reduces sun damage

Chocolate Facial Service

Importance of Chocolate facial service
Best Chocolate facial service in fort Lauderdale

Chocolate is high in antioxidants and has anti-aging properties. Also, It does wonders for dry and matured skin, suggested for other skin types too. The benefits are as under:-

  • Increases production of collagen
  • Also, Chocolate imparts glowing face
  • Lightens blemishes and acne marks
  • It absorbs UV lights and protects the skin.
  • Improves blood flow and complexion
  • It keeps away from blemishes 


Chemical Peel Facial

Chemical Peel at Fort Lauderdale  Chemical Peel Facial at Kevi Spa and Lashbar

A chemical peel removes dead and damaged upper skin layer to smooth and refine skin texture. Also, It is suitable for all skin types, removes unwanted blackheads, whiteheads, and spots. Benefits are as below:-

  • Reduces age spots, freckles, and dark patches
  • Also, it improves the look and feels of the skin
  • The new skin is smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.
  • Address pigment issues
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of skincare products

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Kevi Spa and Lash Bar have professional experienced estheticians to give you the best facial service with other beauty services at the spa.

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