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Our EyeLash Extension Work.

Classic Lash Extension is applied by one lash extension to your natural lashes if you like your lashes full are if you don't currently have much natural lashes then classic lashes is not for you. Classic lash fullness depends on the amount of lashes that you currently have.

Classic Lashes

Ideal if you'r new to lash extension.

Ideal if you do not want full lashes

Ideal if your getting lashes as a one time occasion.

2D Lashes

Ideal for clients that wants more fullness than classic lash extension

Ideal for clients that wants to stand out ay an event

Extremely ideal if you will be traveling for vacation, planning on swimming etc.

2D & Volume Lashes

Ideal for clients that likes full voluminous lashes

Ideal for clients that works in the party scene lifestyle

Ideal for clients that are into fashion and wear less makeup.


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